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Make base camp at 11,000 ft. and trail Marco Polo Sheep at altitudes up to 17,000 feet when you join our outfitter in Kyrgyzstan. You will stay in comfortable cabins and travel by 4x4 as you ascend in the beautiful but rugged mountain wilderness. Hunting season runs from October to December.

Top Trophy Animal in Kyrgyzstan
   Marco Polo Sheep


Argali sheep are the big draw in Mongolia, with hunts ranging from 12 to 16 days. Our outfitters can take you to West Altai mountain range (altitude 10,000-12,000 ft.) for Altai argali, the world's largest sheep, from July 1 through October 15.

For Hangai or Mid-Altai argali, slightly smaller than the Altai argali, the mid-ranges of central Mongolia (altitude 6,000-7,000 ft.) is the place to go from July 1-Nov. 30. The Hangai argali is regarded as a separate trophy species to the Altai and Gobi.

The mountain ranges of the Gobi Desert in southern and southwestern Mongolia (alt. 4,000-5,000 ft.) are the home of Gobi argali. We can arrange your trip for hunting from July 1-Nov. 30.

Let our outfitter take you to the exceptional hunting areas for two separate species of ibex, the Altai in western Mongolia (June-October) or the Gobi in the Gobi Desert (June-November). Blacktail and whitetail gazelles also roam the Gobi and can be added to your hunting package, along with roe deer, wild boar, wolf, capercaille, or black grouse.

Waterfowl and upland bird hunting or fishing trips can also be booked through our outfitter.

In addition, we can arrange private sightseeing trips with English-speaking guides if you would like to visit Bejing before or after your Mongolian hunting adventure.

Top Trophy Animals in Mongolia
   Altai Argali
   Hangai Argali
   Gobi Argali
   Altai Ibex
   Gobi Ibex


Marco Polo Sheep, the ultimate prize, are found in two areas our outfitters can guide you to in Tajikistan: Hot Spring or Lake Karakul. Camp at 12,000-12,500 feet in the Pamirs and hunt at 13,000-15,000 ft. Ibex are found here as well. Your nights will be comfortably spent in cabins and you’ll travel by day in 4x4 vehicles. Hunting season runs from October to December.

Top Trophy Animals in Tajikistan
   Marco Polo Sheep

Russian Hunts

Kamchatka Peninsula

Between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk lies the 776-mile long Kamchatka Peninsula, where our outfitter leads you through snowy terrain in the hunt for Kamchatka bighorn, and brown bear. More brown bears are found here than any other place in the world, with the average bear size being slightly larger than those found in Alaska. Hunt by snowmobile or sled, stay in camps with cabins or tents, and practice your snowshoe walking skills! We can arrange for you to fly to Petropavlosk, Russia from Anchorage, Alaska.

Top Trophy Animals in the Kamchatka Peninsula
   Kamchatka Bighorn Sheep
   Brown Bear


Our guides in Siberia can take you from Yakutsk for Siberian snow sheep or to the far north Putorana Range of North Central Siberia for Putorana snow sheep. Hunting in Siberia is an unforgettable experience, with breathtaking scenery in remote wilderness areas. Our outfitters provide comfortable lodging in cabins, where you’ll enjoy hearty fare after spending your days traveling in 4x4 vehicles. Hunting season runs from August to October.

Top Trophy Animals in Siberia
   Siberian Snow Sheep
   Putorana Snow Sheep


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